Casas do Bairrinho

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Casas do Bairrinho is a set of 5 houses for tourism accommodation at Trás-os-Montes.

Located at Sambade, southern slope of Serra de Bornes, Casas do Bairrinho offer tranquillity, well-being and the warmth of authentic rural life.

Mountain and valley, dams and Sabor River, or the Douro River a little below, provide a panoply of wonders and peculiar adventures.

From Casas do Bairrinho we leave with a desire to return. Come, we are waiting for you!

Casa do Cabo Casa do Canto Casa do Forno Casa do Largo Casa Pequena Swimming pools

About Casas do Bairrinho

Casas do Bairrinho is a family project to make available accommodation in country houses. Available, for now, are five renovated properties:

We intend to provide for you a great stay, giving all means to enjoy, in full, the charm of this village of Sambade and all its ambience and prodigality. Getting to Sambade, wherever you are, is easy. As easy as us to go and meet you.

Bairrinho is a small bunch of houses located in the eastern border of the village of Sambade. It is separated from the borough by insurmountable cliffs, that the strength of arms managed to overcome and to profit of them as a support of their homes. Only in the middle of the 19th century it was possible the union of the small village with the borough itself.

This project of housing recovery for tourism destination was developed exactly in this same place where we will have the pleasure to offer a friendly stay and to welcome our guests at the "Casa do Forno". The "Casa do Largo", which is also part of this project, is situated in Largo Dr. João Noronha, in the very heart of the village, and it is certainly a good choice for those who prefer to interact with and among its habitants “Sambadenses”.